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what a fucking idiot [Dec. 10th, 2006|08:09 am]
[Right now I'm feeling: |angryangry]
[Song of the Moment: |all the heavy metal in the world played at the same time]

Okay, so most of the time, I love my job. I work with some really cool kids and not kids. Sometimes Greg Garcia's antics make my life. Colleen is absolutely hilarious. Anne is a sweetheart. Marnie is like an aunt or something. Bre was frustrating on a shift because she was lazy, but ultimately she would do work if you asked and what's more important is that she is a really cool kid. I can usually find good in anyone, no matter how stressed I am. But oh my fucking god. Today I just about lost it. Actually I did, I freaked out on the kid. Who shall remain nameless. I think the kid has about 2 braincells, really.

Okay, so he's lazy. Fair enough, I work with lots of people like that. So I tell him to do stuff that needs to get done. I mean, if you're at work, and not working, you should expect that your manager is probably going to ask you to do stuff. Now, I didn't ask him to do stuff in a mean way either, I pleased and thank youed and "awesome, thanks!"ed away. Nothing I initially asked him to do was unreasonable for a close. That's what closers DO... clean and stock up for the next day.

Anyways, I had to get him to redo this mop like five times... and I'm not talking about me being picky over one or two tiny spots. I'm talking about a huge, dried up spill of coffee that was very obvious against the red tiles, and very obviously not clean. How he considered like wiping the mop over it "clean" I have no idea, as like four times when I asked him if he had finished, he said "yes". And then I went to look and it was still dirty! This process continued with every single thing I asked him to do all night. )@#(*_@)#)_@#)(_(_

And just other little things. Like as soon as he punched in to start work, he asked if he could pay for a flurry and eat it. I said "sure... on your break" WHICH is not unreasonable... lobby was still a mess and we still had customers. Ten minutes later, I found him eating a mcflurry... which he didn't even pay for. I got so mad. Like, the thing is, I probably would have let him have the flurry anyways as soon as we weren't busy and things were under control. I do cool things on my shift all the time like have a pie break or something and let everyone have pies and ice cream and take a mass break for a few minutes. It was the fact that he blatently disregarded my authority... over something that again, was not unreasonable in the first place. So.

1) At work, gee whiz. EXPECT TO WORK.
2) Dirty is just gross, man.
3) Don't fucking lie.
4) If you're going to half ass stuff, half ass the stuff that doesn't really matter and your manager won't notice! At least then they won't die of stress!

Needless to say, I came home and had a shot straight away, followed by like half a litre of cookie dough ice cream. FUCKING HELL!

[User Picture]From: kss_flautist
2006-12-11 01:50 am (UTC)
IMHO, fire the lazy lying little bastard. When you're on the bottom on the totem pole, and ESPECIALLY on a closing shift you have to do all the work you're told to do in the most efficient way possible. Do you really want someone like that working for you all the time? We fired two people exactly like that in like 5 days of them being hired. You can't fuck around when it's to do with people's food and closing shifts.
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