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Sabrina's World of Snazz

And All That Jazz

9 May
My name is Sabrina. I live in a place. That happens to be suburbia in Victoria.

Wow. That was informative. Honestly though, I like to be wierd and make things up and generally act a third of my age. The comment I recieve most often is, "For someone so bloody smart, you sure as hell are dumb!" This is usually said after I've spelled a word like "I" or "Anthrax" wrong, or have just finished scooting around in the rain under a gargantuan umbrella pretending I'm a spy. Or after I've said "huh!?" I actually don't say huh that much anymore. Nobody at university has even commented on it, it's great! I think I'm done that phase. Granted, "huh!?" has been replaced by other strage, random noises, but whatever. It isn't unusual to find me running around campus screaming GI WARA TASHI FUSU KURU!!!... man, I watch too much random (but hilarious!) crap online. I'm also way the fuck to motivated and mature. I have this obsessive compulsive urge to get an A+ in everything, and I consider anything less failure. (Except English class... wow do I hate English). I'm also training to be/am the opening manager at McDonald's on weekends... go responsability!

Some people say I'm funny, some people say I'm loud, some people say I'm dull, others say I'm quiet. Some say I have been blessed with the "milk of human kindness," whereas others call me a psychotic, self-centred, controlling bitch. So I don't really know how others see me. All I know is that most of the stupid quotes on the quote wall come from me, and for some reason I still have friends. I try to be really nice to people and make them laugh, and I know I can be really loud at times. I admit I gossip too much, but the psychotic thing is so un-me. Insane, maybe. Psychotic, no. Je suis snazzy. Oh yeah... some people dislike me because I'm really upbeat, energetic, and have a really positive attitude. Go figure.

And I play the trombone. Not super virtuosicly (that should be a word, but it looks funny)

Yeah, so that's me in a hazelnut-shell.
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